UNA is a musical group made up of five talented women. In the fall of 2015, we took these pictures to accompany the group's image.

Maedchen WG

At the end of July 2018, I was commissioned to make a series of portraits of the girls that participated in the TV show "Maedchen_WG", produced by the German television channel ZDFtivi. This time, it was shot in Valencia, Spain.


Coverage of "At Home with Mies", a special event by Openhouse together with USM, on occasion of the launch party of the Issue #9.

Julius Bär

Near to the end of 2017, took place in Barcelona the Second Global Gen-Y Reunion, a series of conferences promoted by The Julius Bär Bank, gathered around the topic 'A world of data'.


Two days full coverage of the events promoted by SEAT in Barcelona in February 2018.


Summer photo shoot in the wheat fields near Cervera, Manel's native land, the drummer of the group.


Since 2011 I've been taking pictures of old and new instruments. Mostly violins, some of them as old as Mozart would have been if he were still alive.


This is an ongoing personal proyect about my older brother and his family.


Making-of shooting of the promotional video of the game "Fifa 2016" with the great Pelé.

Jungs WG

In July 2017 I was commissioned to take the portraits of the participants of the TV show "Die Jungs-WG" shot in Barcelona.

Recording Messi

Making-of about the recording of movements and the style of game of Lionel Messi as a part of the development of the video game "Fifa 2016".

Simply Blaumut

Photo session to get the final image for the second disc of the catalan band and the promotional portraits.